You should have the WebTest package installed.

Setup tests

Set module path to your Muffin Application in pytest configuration file or use command line option --muffin-app.


$ py.test -xs --muffin-app example

Testing application

See examples:

import pytest

def test_async_code():
    from aiohttp import request
    response = yield from request('GET', 'http://google.com')
    text = yield from response.text()
    assert 'html' in text

def test_app(app):
    """ Get your app in your tests as fixture. """
    assert app.name == 'my app name'
    assert app.cfg.MYOPTION == 'develop'

def test_view(client):
    """ Make HTTP request to your application. """
    response = client.get('/my-handler')
    assert 'mydata' in response.text